UZI 9mm Sub-Machine Gun Israeli Military Industries (IMI), 1961 Dated.
UZI 9mm Sub-Machine Gun Israeli Military Industries (IMI), 1961 Dated.

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Dakota C47

Douglas C-47 B Dakota - G-AMPY 1944

This is by far my favorite airplane, I love Dakota's and I had the pleasure of flying on the Douglas C-47B Dakota KK116 above.

A history of KK116. G-AMPY is a Douglas C-47B Dakota with c/n 15124 built at Oklahoma for the United States Army Air Force with serial 43-49308 and was delivered in November 1944. She was already handed over to the Royal Air Force on the 24th the same month and got serial KK116 as a Dakota C3 at Nassau.

Starting a long career and with her second owner of many to come, she entered service with the RAF Transport Command South East Asia. She was based in Burma from December 1944 until she left for India in 1946. She went back to the UK with 12 Maintenance Unit  to be stored on September 22, 1947.

Being withdrawn from use she was sold to Starways Limited and becoming a passenger carrier with registration G-AMPY where she was sold to Jordan as JY-ABE. Already back with Starways Ltd. in May 1958 she changed ownership to Aviation Overhauls Ltd. who sold her to Iceland as TF-FIO in June 1964. Back to Aviation Overhauls in August 1965 and leased to Irefly from February to November 1966. With already many owners on her list she was once again sold, this time to Aviation Enterprises in the US as N15751 but for some reason she was never delivered.

She got back her G-AMPY registration in 1970 and went  to The New Guarantee Trust of Jersey Ltd., Jersey. She was then operated by Intra airways and Jersey European/Express Air Service until January 23, 1980. And then a couple of leases further she was sold to Air Atlantique Ltd., Jersey in February 1982. Again a change of ownership in 1989 to Dak Holdings Ltd. who used for Pollution Control duties until early 2000.

This time she was once again in the hands of Air Atlantique who repainted her in the original RAF Transport Command scheme as KK116. The original static line and jump lights for paratroopers are still in place, only the seats have been replaced by some more comfortable ones.